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Vision for a Magnificent Mathura

Mathura is not just a city steeped in culture and tradition but it should also emerge as a city of the future. I have a vision for a Mathura that is vibrant, inviting, clean, and with enough resources to keep pace with the world, to help its citizens walk into the future with the opportunities to achieve their best.  I believe that a leader with a vision must look to create more leaders and not just followers. The young men and women of Mathura have the potential to create a progressive future for themselves and society. A thrust will have to be given to empowering these young minds to embrace the challenges posed by an increasingly complex and connected world. World-class education and research infrastructure, and an improved business and investment climate are obvious building blocks. I aspire to enhance Mathura’s image as an education hub in particular for the western Uttar Pradesh. The Uttar Pradesh Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Veterinary University should be accorded Central University status and given institutional and financial support.

Industrial clusters should be developed in Mathura for the main industries in textile, printing, metallurgy and food processing. As the district comes in the Taj Trapezium Zone, there are restrictions on several coal-based industries. The traditional industries in Mathura, and a number of small and micro industries have been impacted by the non-availability of low cost clean sources of energy. The State should develop incentives for industry in the Taj Trapezium Zone to develop and use clean and renewable sources. Also investment in the knowledge industry and IT and IT enabled industry needs to be encouraged as there is a strong resource base of engineering and technically qualified students, and connectivity through the national highway, and an upcoming toll expressway to Noida.

The food industry has immense scope to grow, as there is a large production of wheat, rice and potatoes. While a number of cold storage facilities have come up to cater to the horticulture production, the potato farmers in particular have not received higher realizations and are exposed to price fluctuation risks. Investments in the value chain by farmer cooperatives and private industry will help create a stable market for potato. Governments must look at upgrading the mandi infrastructure, providing input subsidies and market support to the producers. The State Government has unfortunately disinvested the Chhata Sugar Mill; a subsidiary of the Uttar Pradesh State Sugar Corporation Ltd. Fresh investment will create a ready market for the produce of the farmers.

The rural infrastructure in the constituency needs investment. We have to connect every village effectively and provide sustainable solutions to the problems of water potability and poor electricity supply. Villages in Mathura can become leaders in the utilisation of renewable sources of energy like biomass and decentralized distributed generation models.

The tourism potential in Mathura should be harnessed for improving the local economy. Improving the rail connectivity with state capital and metros as well as between the tourist spots within the braj region and especially with Agra is a focus area. The Rail Minister, announced in the rail budget 2010-11 that the Mathura Junction Railway station will be upgraded to world-class station status. In addition, providing a number of amenities like clean drinking water, trained guides and enhancing the general infrastructure including local markets, sanitation facilities etc is a must. I had used my MPLAD funds for the construction of shelters for yatris in the Vrindavan and Goverdhan parikarma margs. These facilities included attractive displays with information of the local tourism sites and their cultural and historical relevance. I have previously funded the construction of public toilet facilities in Raya and Baldev, and solar lighting at the Yamuna River Ghats in Mathura. I support the people’s aspiration for the Mathura Vrindavan City to be recognized as a Nagar Nigam with clean administration and management.

The high levels of pollution in the Yamuna River has agonized our countrymen. This needs concerted and coordinated policy and action from our Governments. I have supported the call for a Yamuna Basin River Authority to be created by the Central Government that will have the authority to overview and intervene in the efforts undertaken at the local body level across various States.

Together, we have a vision for a Magnificent Mathura. Lets unite and work to achieve it!

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