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In the normal course, every Member of Parliament (MP) takes up several issues, which relate to his/her particular constituency or larger national causes. These could be through interventions in parliament and parliamentary committees, the media and public platforms, or through dialogue with the government. As a representative of the people, a MP will reflect on the aspirations of his constituents, and give those aspirations an expression. The issues the MP takes up also show his/her own understanding of the ground realities and his/her vision.

Through this page, we aim to share a glimpse of the concerns that have been taken up by your representative. Through regular updates, you will be informed of the replies given on certain issues by the relevant decision making body of Government. We invite your valuable views and opinions.

Correspondence and Letters


Latest Interviews

drogbaSP-BSP-RLD ready to take on BJP; polls 'make or break' for idea of inclusive India: Jayant Chaudhary.

New Delhi, Mar 10 The SP-BSP-RLD alliance in Uttar Pradesh had no accommodation problems and is battle ready to take on the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls, RLD vice president Jayant Chaudhary said Sunday, asserting the contest will be a "make or break" for the idea of an inclusive and progressive India.