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Your Voice - Your Issues

Your Voice - Your Issues

The role of an active civil society in forming public opinion and effective public policy interventions is well established. Your Issues, Your Voice is an attempt to tap into the knowledge resource of you, the voting public and use your emotions, thoughts and ideas to create consensus for action. I will ask you questions on this forum through our ‘Poll’, give my views on issues of contemporary relevance through the interactive blog and ask for your inputs every step of the way. I want you to stand up and get counted, give your aspirations an expression, reach out and connect.

Your Voice - Your Issues
11 February 2012

Clarion Call for Democracy

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Written by Sanskriti Jain

Fatehpur Sikri Vidhansabha, Agra

The power of democracy was conspicuous as I saw the crowd in front of me swell from a thousand to several thousand souls. Their message was clear they wanted their vote to count.

Earlier in the day as I drove along on NH 1 from Agra toward Kiraoli, I wondered what I'd expect at today's rally being addressed primarily by Jayant Chaudhary, Raj Babaar and Deependar Singh Hooda. At this joint rally held by RLD and Congress I had expected sloganeering to the effect of हाथ और हैण्ड पुमप का साथ आपके साथ. I had also expected waving flags and नारेबाजी. What struck me most however was the rapt attention of such a large crowd when the leader spoke and the level of personal involvement quite apparent among all gathered!


Your Voice - Your Issues
05 February 2012

Understanding the climate change talks - Durban 2011

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Written by Shri Jayant Chaudhary (M.P)

Climate change, the science behind the phenomenon, and its impact on our world has been debated and discussed in global seminars, conferences, inter governmental forums and parliaments. Whilst in some other democracies the policy makers and constituents are aware and actively follow the issue, the average Indian voter seems to be unaffected. I have had to educate myself on some of the core questions at hand and infact struggle to keep abreast of the latest stance of governments and experts. I will attempt to create a document that makes some sense to you and I hope some more informed minds take note of any factual infirmities and unhesitatingly give their opinions!