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28 October 2012

Separate Telangana is TRLD’s sole agenda: MP Jayant Chaudhary

JayantjiSeparate Telangana is TRLD’s sole agenda: MP Jayant Chaudhary

Hyderabad: The Rashtriya Lok Dal is here to stay. The party has sought to muster the support of the people of Telangana to further their own cause, says Jayanth Chaudhary, RLD MP and son of Ajit Singh (Union Minister for Civil Aviation).

In an exclusive interview to Mahesh Avadhutha of The Hans India, he stated that the RLD, as a strong advocate of smaller states, had always been with the Telanagana movement, through its ups and downs.


03 March 2012

Will Jayant Chaudhary emerge as kingmaker of UP?

JayantjiUnion Minister Ajit Singh's 33-year-old son Jayant Chaudhary could emerge as a candidate for the deputy chief ministership, says .

The 2012 Uttar Pradesh [ Images ] election about to come to a close is significant for many reasons. It will determine the stability of the United Progressive Alliance [ Images ] government in the months to come, it will decide the kind of "larger" role that Rahul Gandhi [ Images ] will play, and it will have a bearing on who sits in the Rashtrapati Bhavan [ Images ] this July. For the first time, the poll outcome hinges on the 1.49 crore new voters, who have no memory of Mandal or Kamandal politics that has dominated Uttar Pradesh for the last two decades, and despite claims, no party is really able to decipher how they are voting.


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JayantjiHoping to reclaim lost ground in UP, Jayant Chaudhary takes charge of RLD

The son of Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) chief Ajit Singh has been criss-crossing western Uttar Pradesh, and has almost simultaneously effected a generational change in his party.